Eusport #GoodGovernance #GoodGovernanceSport Outputs GGS IO3 - Accountability and transparency Handbook

GGS IO3 - Accountability and transparency Handbook

#GoodGovernanceSport project is aiming to find the way of analysing, collecting and promoting the practices for proper visibility of the decisions taken, decision making stakeholders, transparency of public funding in sport organizations.

Project team has also created an Accountability and transparency Handbook for sport organizations. Handbook includes tips and tricks on how to optimize the webpage of a sport organization, how to show the public money spending and how to increase transparency and accountability of sport organizations on different levels. This resource also have some highlighted good practices of the “perfect” web page and some ideas how we can improve organizational management in sport organizations. Project team included also tips on how to ensure all stakeholders are aware on our accountability process and how the transparency can help the development of the organization in order to more sponsorship contacts and more public support for organizations with clean and transparent public face.

Methodology used:
  • Analysis of good practices;
  • Comparation of web pages in other sectors and bringing good practices on the sport sector board, highlighting their use and implementation in other fields;
  • Methodology to improve web pages and what our web page should show about our organization;
  • Tips and tricks section to show what has been working in other organizations and can be used in sport organizations too;
This handbook will be a useful recourse for the management of the sport organizations and will highlight common mistakes, needs of the society in this kind of web page, possibilities of improvement. Handbook will have the following sections: introduction, good government in sport, good practices in accountability and transparency, online presence of sport organizations, tips and tricks to improve the performance, useful links.

This handbook can be useful tool for sport managers and decision makers at different levels, as well as for sport administration. It promotes good governance and gives ideas and useful information for all stakeholders in the sector.

The handbook content in transferable also to other sectors, and it can be used as a tool for good governance in the field also of youth, education, culture, ecology and many more sectors. It can be also used as a educational material in sport schools and universities.