Mine Vaganti NGO

Name: Mine Vaganti NGO
web: www.minevaganti.org
Country: Italy

Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO) born in Sardinia (Italy) in 2009. MVNGO has 4 offices in Olbia, Sassari, Uri and Tempio Pausania and manages the operation of one youth center (Centro Santa Caterina, Sassari), thus represented in all the North of Sardinia. Mission: MVNGO promotes Intercultural Dialogue, Social Inclusion through Sport and environmental protection using Non Formal Education. MVNGO is part of 3 international networks such as YEE, ISCA and MV International. Services: MVNGO is an educational training provider at local and European level and has a consultant role for public and private bodies in order to promote and develop European and trans-continental projects. Programmes: MVNGO works on Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, EuropeAid, EaSi, Life+, IEE, the United Nations programmes (UNDEF) and with foundations such as EYF, Anna Lindh and Open Society. Hosting: MVNGO is accredited as hosting institutions in EVS (CODE: 2015-1-IT03-KA110-005863), Erasmus for Entrepreneurs, Erasmus Placement (through University of Sassari), Anna Lindh, National Funds, Azerbajani Foundation.

General objectives:
• Promote young mobility, intercultural exchange, volunteer and social cooperation among youngsters;
• Stimulate the exchange of ideas and experience, mutual understanding, and equal rights and opportunities among young people in Europe and in the Euromed countries;
• Promote intercultural understanding, equal opportunities, respect, active citizenship and solidarity;
• Fight discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance;
• Promote respect for the nature (ecofriendly attitude) and develop new job opportunities;
• Involve young people with fewer opportunities.

• In the field of non-formal and in-formal education, informing and communication (youth exchanges, training course, study sessions);
• Activities for youth: voluntaries projects in local communities, sportive activities as an healthy lifestyle, sport as a tool for inclusion, eco projects of free expression for young people.

Mine Vaganti NGO has successfully implemented numerous projects related to:
 Sport values, health - Youth Exchange “ExSport ME Import Us”
 Sport as an educational tool - Youth in Action TC “Inclusive Sport for All”
 Youth Exchange “Two Islands One Move” related to The European Move Week 2013
 Sport as a tool for inclusion – European Youth Foundation Pilot Activity “Inclusive Sport in Sardinia”
 Sport as an educational tool for inclusion using non-formal education – Grundtvig InTraining Service “Education and Sport for All”

Mine Vaganti NGO established its Sport Branch in 2011, and the current project proposal is largely based on their accumulated experience in the field of Non-formal Education, Sport, Social Inclusion, as well as it builds on the project management skills and experience gained through these years through more than 30 implemented project by the NGO.