Festival of sport and recreation - Dissemination event - Croatia

DATE: 27.05.2017.

TIME: 11:00 AM

PLACE: Brod na Kupi, Croatia

EVENT: Festival of sport and recreation, 13th Cross of Novi list „Dolinom Kupe“

PARTICIPANTS: Cicibans, pupils of elementary schools and high schools, recreationalists, athletes, veterans.


The athletic cross  „Dolinom Kupe“ is one of the most massive sports and tourist events in Gorski Kotar county, Croatia. This is also contributed by the fact that the competition also has the status of Secondary and Primary School Cross Championship.


We chose this event to prove that even in small villages you can be very active.
This year's number of participants in the 13th Cross of Novi list Dolinom Kupe exceeded the number of inhabitants of this small village for 4 times. There have been even more runners than last year.

The organizers of this event for the 13th year in a row are the Association of Sport, Recreation and Tourism Kupa and Novi list, local daily newspapers.

The emphasis has been put on sport and the activity of children and young people. Everyone was running, from the youngest (cicibans) to the athletes and veterans. It was especially nice to see families with children and parents who encourage participation in sport and physical activity from small feet and their awareness of the importance of promoting it. In conversation with them, we get the impression that they support the European everyday of sport project.