The project aims to spread awareness of traditional medieval games and safeguard them as a historical and cultural heritage of a territory through festival of sports and games.

The main aims of the project are:

  • To promote, to develop and to safeguard the traditional sports and games in Europe and their common values within an international context • To develop on the European territory the knowledge and practice of sport and traditional games as a symbol of identity and the historical and cultural heritage of a territory
  • To encourage the construction of shared programs of European cooperation and of thematic networks, integrated, interactive and multi-functional, able to act to meet the challenges of the future and therefore able to ensure the future sustainability of the project
  • Disseminate on European territory the information, communication and knowledge of sport and traditional games


  • The "Ga.M.E.S.@Eu" contest - The aim of the contest is to recognize and survey the common principles and the cultural diversities of various European countries, regions and districts through the analyses of local traditional Sports and Games
  • European Ga.M.E.S.Days - Traditional Games and Sports Festival presenting traditional sports and games

Partner countries: Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Spain, Czech Republic, Malta, France, Germany