The aim of the project is to give a necessary knowledge and the management tools to 70 Portuguese young people and 50 Spanish young people, with a set of non-formal educational activities. The target group is young people aged between 18 and 30 that are finishing their studies, who have no job, education or internship, or young people that even working have precarious jobs and have one business idea on sports area.


  • One workshop per month with relevant subjects for the participants
  • Tutorial service
  • Four virtual meetings with successful entrepreneurs
  • A moment of monitoring of the projects through the presentation of those projects to a jury (Technical Pitch) A non-formal education activity with participants who were selected in the Technical Pitch in order to present the most sustainable projects to potential funders and to empower their personal, social and professional capabilities
  • A Seminar «Sport Entrepreneurship» with the contribution of participants that during the project presented the most structured projects but also of people outside the project, namely APOGESD partners, representatives of schools, universities, federations and associations linked to sport as a way of improving one culture of conscientious and complete sports management

Outputs: Publications and videos accessible in three languages and freely available.

Partner countries: Portugal, Spain