Dissemination event - Poland

Stowarzyszenie Instytut Nowych Technologii / Association Institute of Innovative Technologies INT have organized local dissemination event to popularize the European everyday of sport project at their local community with more than 50 participants. Participants were also invited to use project's educational platform, download applications and take part in the international conference “European everyday of sport”. The event took place on the market of Manufaktura in Łódź.

On dissemination event INT team presented the project and they were asking people why they like to exercise and why they don’t like it, what motivates them to do sport and physical activity and what alternative, everyday ways of being physically active do they have. They have created a board so people could stick their answers to it.

The most common answers were: because it is healthy, it relaxes and relieves stress, it brings satisfaction; I want to be fit, have a better condition, move and be active, I can feel better and I like adrenaline. Some of most popular alternative, everyday ways of being physically active are: using bicycle instead of car, using stairs instead of elevator or escalator, sprint to catch the morning bus.

During the event there were different activities to be involved in. Besides questions and board another thing was to tell what country are famous sportsman from the shown pictures from. For kids we brought huge world map so they could do the puzzles. INT team also encouraged people to do some pumps or squats. During whole event two stilt-walker were helping to keep constant interest in the event and pay attention to it.