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#SWIM augmented reality experience
Augmented reality is an interactive experience that enhances the real world with computer-generated perceptual information. Using software, apps, and hardware such as AR glasses, augmented reality overlays digital content onto real-life environments and objects. #SWIM project team is ensuring an augmented reality experience for kids, which is free of charge and can be installed, following the instructions below. The aim of the AR application #SWIM is to empower enjoyment from water experiences and through this positive adventure – to reduce the fear of water in early age development. Enjoy #SWIM – Swim Without Fear Augmented reality.
Install the Augmented reality #SWIM – Swim Without Fear. Launch the experience by following the steps below:
1. Install the app on your device (the QR code below);
2. Open the #SWIM app and point your phone at the image in this news story;
3. Enjoy the experience and let’s Swim Without Fear together.

Author: BSDA
Author e-mail: info@bulsport.bg