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Toolkit with practical guidance Grassroots programme for professional sport clubs
🇪🇺 #Back2Track #ErasmusPlus project aims to analyse the differences and similarities that sport clubs have in the approach to professional and grassroots sport and in innovative approach of including kids with disadvantage background in sport and physical activity. In the “Toolkit with practical guidance “Grassroots programme for professional sport clubs”” you will find:
👉Campaigns for visibility of the activities of a sport club (good practices) in the following categories:
🏆Motivation of kids/youngsters to join sport activities;
🥇Recruitment and retaining kids/youngsters from disadvantage background;
🏃Sport events organization;
💪Reccommendations to sport clubs.
✅Download the Toolkit here: https://back2track.net/outputs/
Back2Track project /602960-EPP-1-2018-1-BG-SPO-SSCP/ is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. #ErasmusPlus #BeActive #RSS #CharityGame #KLASA #BulsportBG

Author: BSDA
Author e-mail: info@bulsport.bg