Together-Each Other Motorcycle Day

Together-Each Other Motorcycle Day
Together-Each Other Motorcycle Day

Budapest, in Hungary


young people, families, motorists, Down's syndromes

Down Foundation, István Széchenyi Kőbányai Hungarian-German Two Elementary Primary School

The event was open which was attended by the clients of the Foundation, attendants, guests, invited guests and their family members. She has respected on the program dr. Katalin Gruiz, the Vice President of the Down Foundation, whose daughter, the first Hungarian Down syndrome zumba teacher, opened the day with a body-wakeful zumba. Many motorists took part in this school event where young people were very happy. They had the opportunity to talk to the bikers all day or to take photos with them. The program was opened by the head of the foundation and the director of the primary school. After the opening ceremony, a stunted program was seen by the people who were interested in a stuntman, creating a huge ovation from the audience. During the day, the organizers held training sessions, skill quizzes, and a visual workshop where anyone could try out and motivate themselves. The teams consisted of motorists, families and helpers. The day was made more colorful by the archery, the concert, folk dance show (Zagreb Dance Group) and the baked bread baked in the oven.

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Location: City

Age: Kid , Youth, Adult