27th"Deer drift" running race

27th"Deer drift" running race
27th"Deer drift" running race

Eger between Miskolc, in Hungary

01/04/2017, 10:00-18:00

close to 500

Miskolc University Athletics and Football Club

Every year, since 1991, the national changer ranning race competition called "Deer drift" has been held for the 27th time. The mascot of the race is "Bonifác", the deer. The purpose of the event is the runners teams have to run from Eger to Miskolc city, through the beautiful landscapes of the Bükk Mountains (several sections crossing the Bükk National Park, some 900 meters above sea level), including the Miskolc University campus.

The participants could expect the following:
• Renewed route: The classic 25-year-proven new route that last year's debut was the best combination ever to get to know the participants this year.
Organizers believe that this route is more beautiful and exciting than before, and they have largely left the highway with a large car traffic;
• Provides the opportunity for teams of up to 5 people, which means that the more prepared runners can even run half a mile rounds in the "Deer Drift";
• a souvenir mug that each star receives,
• valuable awards,
• announcement of results, unforgettable closing party.

Good practice guide:
This running race is a good practice, because we can spend a nice day with running in the nature while we meet new people.
The interest in the ewent grows since year after year, it was originally university - has been opened for the entire running society in recent years. (not just for professionals, but for amateurs too).

More information can be found on the website below:

Occupation: Student , Working

Location: City, Small village

Age: Kid , Youth, Adult