Aegean Regatta

Aegean Regatta
Aegean Regatta

August 22-28

Greece, Greek islands

Aegean Regatta

100 yachts

From 2001 until 2017 the Aegean Regatta sailed along the islands of Lesvos, Hios, Oinousses, Samos, Leros, Ikaria, Kos, Simi, Rhodos, Limnos, Samothraki, Andros, Lipsous, Patmos, Astipalea, Tilos, Skopelos, Amorgos, Kalimnos, Nisiros, Thasos, Syros, Skyros and continues to visit new destinations.Every year the participation of the yachting boats was getting more and more and the entries were about 70-90, or some years even 100. A direct outcome of this great participation was the fact that every year more than 1200 yachtsmen/women were transparted from one island to another and mainly from islands which were totally forgotten.

For the last 16 years, the Aegean Regatta has achieved not only to strengthen the border islands, to bring the yachtsmen/women throughout Greece into contact, but also to give the opportunity to many foreign crews to get to know the island culture. Throughout this period of time a new generation of yachtmen/women grew up and they all learnt to sail the Aegean Sea easily and to have quality and safe races. Furthermore, they achieved to promote sailing not only as a means of entertainment but as a means of contribution and way of life, as well.

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