European School Sport Day

European School Sport Day
European School Sport Day


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Sport Malta

20.000 participants
The event was organised by 65 state, church and independent schools for more than 20 000 young people. For their programme, they used localities such as squares, gardens, alley ways, waterfronts, venues of schools. The main goal was to play and be active.
This event was inspired by the Hungarian School Sport Day. This event has been organised by the Hungarian School Sport Federation for the last 10 years and now several member states of EU are implementing the same ideas and instruments for promotion of active lifestyle in rather young age.
Innovative factor was that the organizers of European Schools Sport Day has provided teachers and students with fresh ideas to plan and prepare their own school sport program outside classes. Thus, they could include as many kids as possible and at the same time guarantee that they would spend some quality time while being active.

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