Pannonian Challenge

Pannonian Challenge
Pannonian Challenge


Osijek, Croatia

Pannonian Association

25.000 visitors, few million online spectators, 300 athletes
Pannonian Challenge represents a major competition in extreme sports in the city and region of Osijek. The festival is aimed to the younger population through the development of youth subculture and mentoring young atlethes. Last year Pannonian Challenge was the first time that Pannonian Challenge was held together with the World Cup in BMX called FISE World Series. The event what it is, which brings together thousands of athletes and hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world. Furthermore, the programme was broadcasted live on satellite in 40 States of the world.
Last year, the largest regional festival of extreme sports, Pannonian Challenge, hosted in Osijek FISE World Series and has been held ever seen BMX show, where in the framework of the World Cup competed Over 120 BMX professionals from 25 countries all over the world. Through eight days a sports festival changed the shields disciplines of extreme sports in-line, skate and BMX.
The programme was made in a creative way, as it connects extreme sports with music and art. Visitors could attend the evening concerts, competition in graffiti and cultural exhibition of photographs in the gallery at the opening of the festival.

Occupation: Student , Working

Location: City

Age: Kid , Youth, Adult