The Walk of the World

The Walk of the World
The Walk of the World

(every year)

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Stichting DE 4DAAGSE

50.000 runners


This 4-day event has grown into the largest multi-day walking event in the world. In 2016, it was the 100th Four Days March for which more than 54,000 people applied. The walk goes through the city, Nijmegen and its surroundings, where people, depending on their capabilities, walk a total of 120, 160 or 200 kilometers towards the Via Gladiola and towards the - now royally approved - Four Days Marches Cross.

“To be guaranteed a starting ticket, the general rule is that you have to have completed four out of the six Four Days Marches held between 2010 and 2015. For this anniversary edition, we have opted to apply special regulations to make sure our faithful walkers are well represented during the upcoming edition, while also leaving room for other enthusiastic and new participants.” says Susanne Gerrits, head of Stichting DE 4DAAGSE's Central Administration.

This event was not only about encouraging people in active and healthy lifestyle, but it tried to promote sustainability and peace. In the years before, they contributed to planting organic vineyards, flower meadows or new trees in the forests surrounding the city, while promoting waste recycling, electric vehicles or renewable energy. Thus, this event seeks to also leave positive environmental mark which is one of the most innovative side-effects that events like these might bring to the society.

Occupation: Student , Working

Location: City

Age: Youth, Adult