Športaj s Klinko

Športaj s Klinko
Športaj s Klinko
Gornja Radgona, Slovenia
Študentsko-mladinski klub KLINKA
4,500 participants
The main goal of the event was to improve participants´ attitude towards physical activity and introduce them to new sports which they can try out and take part in. There was a rich program which is split in two parts – one was the competitive part, in which there was a bit more rivalry involved, since there were more competitive people included, for which there were also prizes. The other one was the promotional part where citizens could try out new sports that are not that common but constantly, attract more attention from broader public. One of the newest promoted sports included American football, kickboxing, slacklining, paintball, bouldering, and many others.
The event promoted not only sport activities that are currently quite popular, but also encouraged participants in healthier lifestyle. They had an opportunity to try out a healthier diet in food stands that included smoothies, fitness food or vegan dietary products.

Occupation: Student , Working

Location: City

Age: Youth, Adult