Urban Street Festival

Urban Street Festival
Urban Street Festival


Narinkkatori, (Helsinki), Finland

group of students from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Vierumäki, Finland

15,000 direct participants

The event was organised by students with help from different associations (8 different sports associations together) and corporations. They brought together currently very popular and not so conventional sports such as pole dancing, parkour, street workout, break dancing, bouldering, skateboarding, gymnastics and even trampoline jumping.
The main goal of this event was to introduce new sports to young generations in a creative way. These sports were chosen on purpose, as they do not need heavy investments on garments or equipment. They can be done no matter time or place, plus their popularity on social media is constantly growing. This way people feel like they are part of some community which only strengthens their motivation and passion for a particular sport activity.
The organisers believe that everyone has a right to their own kind of sport, and the mainstream or sometimes very expensive sports like ice-hockey or football do not necessary motivate everyone when it comes to finding their interest in sport.

Occupation: Student

Location: City

Age: Kid , Youth