Survival Camp

Survival Camp
Survival Camp



Camp Europe

100-500 participants

We are an organization based in Germany and Canada, that for the last fifteen years has succeed in creating Outdoor Educational programs gathering participants from over 45 different countries. We operate in safe campsites around Europe. Our staff members are well-prepared, trained and most of them with previous experience. We create a fraternity atmosphere which allows us to have a high returning rate of campers that go through our different programs and then become part of our summer team.
A character building challenge that starts to become a bit more serious, and campers are now faced with tougher obstacles, group solving problems, creative riddles and more demanding activities. After having reviewd the basics of the Outdor Adventure Principles, campers will take off into a route where many unexpected situations will force them to foster their team building, communication and organizational skills. By the end of it all, no doubt they will be full of mud, tired and perhaps a bit hungry, but nonetheless, full of vitality and having conquered a wonderfull feeling of self achievement.

Occupation: Student

Location: Small village

Age: Youth