European Youth Festival

European Youth Festival
European Youth Festival

The activity has been implemented the 13-16th of July 2017

Ganja, Azerbaijan

Ganja European Youth Capital

The activity involved around 1000 people

Ganja invited all interested European citizens (including non-EU countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Georgia) to attend the event and celebrate the European Youth Festival together with the habitats of the city. Ganja city is the second biggest city of Azerbaijan which has been selected the European Youth Capital 2016 on 21st of November 2013 in Thessaloniki, Greece by the European Youth Forum. From that day on Ganja city has successfully hosted and organized local and international events, exhibitions and meetings in different European countries. The program of “Ganja European Youth Capital 2016” is focused on 5 main priority areas (Education, Volunteering, Active Participation, Social Cohesion, Youth Employment). The mission of the program is to encrease the activity level of youth organizations, promote the culture, history and rich values of Azerbaijan through different projects throughout the year, and strengthen the intercultural dialogue.

Occupation: Student

Location: City

Age: Youth