Local campaign to move

Local campaign to move
Local campaign to move


Birzei, Lithuania

Pačeriaukštės public school

100 participants

School has decided to create an active campaign and made mixed age groups from all the students in the school. Teachers created floor for them to exchange ideas and create sport game with competitive character, but focused on the sport games, that has been played in different countries in Europe in different years. In one day each group organized championships for the other groups. Groups has also presented a short description (presentation) of where this game is coming from, what is the country that has been played and why they have chosen this game.

Highlighted as good practice:
By this simulation, the participants has been engaged in creating and engaging themselves and the other groups in physical activity, but in the same time, they will get also an organizational experience and project design and managements skills.
They also had to research the historical data for finding the games and also to find the needed information about the country and historic period this game has been played in.

Occupation: Student

Location: Small village

Age: Kid , Youth