The Olympic Day

The Olympic Day
The Olympic Day

10th of September 2015

City of Rijeka, Croatia

Rijeka Sport’s Association, Regional Sport’s Organization and the City of Rijeka

400 participants and 2000 citizens

In the city center of Rijeka there was a presentation of sports with the aim to inform young people and their parents about the possibilities in witch sports clubs they can enrol. There were presented 38 sports clubs in 20 sports. At the time, major daily newspapers named “Novi list” published “The guide for children enrolment in sports clubs”.
This event is held in the afternoon in the city center of Rijeka so as many citizens could be reached in order to emphasize them the importance of practicing sport.

Highlighted as a good practice:
Direct reach of children is the best way to create in them love to do sports. In events, where you have the opportunity to try different type of sports and choose the one that suits you better, results are extremely good. Such event can be organized by organization or municipality.

Occupation: Student , Working

Location: City

Age: Kid , Youth, Adult