Physical Activity for People at Work

Physical Activity for People at Work
If you are an office worker sitting at a desk all day, why not try some of these simple tips to increase your movement at work:
• Never eat at your desk, always move to another area during your lunch break. Try going for a 10 minute walk to a park or mall to eat.
• Keep printers and faxes out of reach so that you need to get up to collect your documents.
• Keep your phone out of reach so that your body has the chance to move about when you get up to answer it.
• Rather than communicating via phone or email, get up and speak to someone face to face.
• Occasionally pull your chair out from your desk and stretch your back muscles – simply flop over your knees and touch your toes to maximise the stretch.
• If your desk chair has arms, use your arms to lift your body off the chair and hold. This movement exercises both your stomach and arm muscles.
• Be aware of good posture: sit up straight with your shoulders back and stomach muscles pulled in.
• Rotate your shoulders and neck periodically to release tension.
• Every time you come back to your chair, try and hold your stomach muscles in for as long as possible.
• Encourage yourself to use the stairs whenever possible.
• If possible, park your car further from the office so that you have to walk an extra ten minutes each way. Think of this as an opportunity to increase your level of incidental activity, instead of an inconvenience.

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