British 10K London Run

British 10K London Run
British 10K London Run

Every year

London, United Kingdom

Virgin Money London Marathon

The British 10 K London Run is a marathon event which is organized every year. It reaches a big amount of working people. The specific things of this race us that it is staged on the world’s greatest route through the heart of central London. The runners who take part in the event have to opportunity to run past many of the country’s greatest landmarks.
This kind of sports event could be organized in a different country. The innovative thing is that the organizers of the marathon give the money for different kind of charities. On the 10 K London Run there are a lot of people who suffers from different disease and take part into the sport event.

Highlighted as a good practice:
Running in event like this allows you to enjoy all the sightseeing in the area, together with fighting for a good cause. Find co-workers, that wants to join you, find your common cause and run for it!

Occupation: Working

Location: City

Age: Adult