4 days cycling the Achterhoek

4 days cycling the Achterhoek
4 days cycling the Achterhoek

August 1 - 4, 2017

Netherlands, Achterhoek

Tourist office and the ANWB, the Royal Dutch Tourist Alliance

The people cycling by the most beautiful spots of the Achterhoek and Salland every day. The tour takes you past castles, windmills, farmhouses that are characteristic of the Achterhoek, as well as forests, farmlands and rural vistas. Often a piece of Twente is included in the tour.
The welcoming villages of the Achterhoek organize all sorts of activities during the four-day cycling event. Fairs, exhibitions, summer festivals, museums and folkloric events, such as dance groups are just a few examples. On cosy terraces and village squares, you can enjoy the local cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere.
This practice fits for every country because there is a lot to see everywhere. Usually people go with their cars and they can’t see the real gorgeous of the nature. This way you can see beautiful places and the most important- you can be a part of them.

Highlighted as a good practice:
During the cycling tour in beautiful landscape places, one can enjoy the time with co-workers and even create a small competition between them. After the ride, the group can explore the night program and create sustainability in the working team.

Occupation: Working


Age: Adult