Albena Cup

Albena Cup
8. - 11. June 2017.

Albena, Bulgaria

Albena AD

The two main events of the 6th Albena Cup were the amateur football competition and the Balkan Youth Table Tennis Championships. The organizers will allocate 15,000 BGN prizes (ie € 7,500) during the two events. Every participant in the football tournament will receive sports equipment from the Albena Cup. The sponsoring companies were able to launch their own team in the spirit of social responsibility, so employers were given the opportunity to promote the team spirit and work with their employees alongside advertising opportunities and charity. The 2016 event was broadcast by all national television in Bulgaria, involving local governments and state agencies, banks, insurance companies, food suppliers, and hotels. The event is open to participants who want to enjoy the sporting enjoyment with their friends, colleagues or family members.

Highlighted as a good practice:
Events of this nature, which combine people in active beach resorts, are truly inspirational and great for those who are too busy. If you are participating in such an event, you can show what you can do about yourself in the sports field, while enjoying great moments with your friends and family.

Occupation: Working

Location: City, Small village

Age: Adult