20 km of Brussels

20 km of Brussels
20 km of Brussels


Brussels, Belgium

Brussels self-government with the support of the European Union institutions

20 km Brussels event in a 20.1 km race, which has been held in Brussels since 1980, usually in May. Initially, up to 25,000 participants were allowed to buy tickets for the event, but the tickets were sold out fairly quickly in March. However, up to 40,000 participants have risen. This competition is a major event in Brussels with many spectators. The track itself is very difficult, especially between the third and seventh kilometers due to mild and long rises and several tunnels, and the long and sharp mountain roads leading to Tervueren Avenue at the end of the race. The exact route changed over time. The 2014 tour was 20.1 kilometers and reached nearly 20 km earlier. Competition in 2000 was considerably shorter than a full run, so the men and women winners in the tournament were more than 3 minutes ahead of the world record.
What is innovative and creative at the event:
Everyone wins, every beginner arrives for a performance coin, downloadable results from the internet. General conditions of participation and results are available online for women, men, wheelchairs and other teams. The leaderboard will be published in the "DH" newspaper on Monday, May 29, 2017.

Highlighted as a good practice:
Team Challenge is designed to improve team spirit and support charity projects. Participants must have at least 10 members to participate in the team, the team score must be determined based on the 5 best players.

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