EWoS and Mobility week link

EWoS and Mobility week link
EWoS and Mobility week link

16 September 2016

Sofia, Bulgaria

Who does implement it?
Ministry of youth and sport, Bulgaria

100 participants

Ministry of Youth and Sport, that is the National coordinator of EWoS in Bulgaria has organized the flagship event for 2016 with the innovative approach to connect European week of sport and the following on the next week – European mobility week, coordinated from the Ministry of Environment and Water. This has been the final event of the campaign in Sofia for 2016 and has been organized cycling tour for stakeholders.
In the bike ride participated Teresa Marinova – Olympic, World and European champion in triple jump, Angel Karanyotov – motorcycle racer, Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria, Deputy minister of youth and sport, Deputy chairwoman of State agency for child protection, mayors of Sofia districts, Rector and deputy rectors of National sports academy. In the end of the ride, deputy minister of youth and sport has passed the yellow t-shirt of #BeActive to the minister of Environment and Water, that is the coordinating body of European mobility week (16 – 22 september 2016) and showed the coordination of Bulgarian institutions, that is focused on the main goal – create #BeActive nation in all related sectors. Event has finished with drift simulations that included safety driving rules.

Highlighted as a good practice:
In some campaigns and events, we see that every coordinating body is focused only to its own campaign. Cross sectorial approach on focusing at the main goals we have in the sectorial policies will lead to better results and optimisation of resources. This way organizing bodies will be able to achieve more and fight society problems, such as lack of mobility with highest levels of success.

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