Mirandela Street Games

Mirandela Street Games
Mirandela Street Games

24 and 25 of September 2016

Mirandela, Portugal

Município de Mirandela (Mirandela Municipality)

200 Boys and Girls

European Week of Sport 2016, “Mirandela Street Games”, (Basketball, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Chess and Cycling in the Street)

Mirandela Municipality in Portugal has celebrate between the 24th and 30th of September 2016 the second edition of the European Week of Sport.
Like in the previous edition we organize at local level many sport activities during this amazing event. One of the most successful activities in both editions was the one that brings the sport back in to the street, like in the “old times”. Today, even in small towns in the sunny Portugal, the children and youth doesn’t play any more any kind of informal sports in our streets like the used to do back in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

We think that this kind of activities help our kids to develop soft skills, social skills and also sport technical skills.

Play in the street it’s not a new thing, the innovative and creative thing connect with this good practice is that the Municipalities could help the local kids to be more active just organizing regular sport activities in the streets of their own towns and cities around Europe. They just need to create a local event with some of the sports that can be played in the street and invite everybody to join and have fun together like in the "old times".

Highlighted as a good practice:
Sport can help our kids to develop soft skills, social skills and also sport technical skills. This focus is very important and needs to be explained also to kids and young people. Bringing the kids back to the streets to play and #BeActive can have great power in their future social integration. Can be implemented by sport organization or municipality.

Occupation: Student

Location: Small village

Age: Kid , Youth