12 hour floorball tournament “Riga vs Regions”

12 hour floorball tournament “Riga vs Regions”
12 hour floorball tournament “Riga vs Regions”


Riga, Latvia

Latvian Sports Federations Council (National Coordinating body for EWoS)

249 participants, approximately 10 000 spectators

Opening event of European Week of Sport with 12 hour floorball tournament “Riga vs Regions”

The grand opening event for European Week of Sport in Latvia was 12 hour floorball “Riga vs Regions” tournament in cultural centre of the Capital city.
Most of the games were open and everyone could apply for various categories (children, women, enterprises, fitness clubs, schools etc.). In addition, we had organised games: Olympians vs journalists and actors vs women national floorball team. Last game, was the opening game for this year’s national floorball league with two top national teams playing. In every game one team was representing Riga and another team – regions. All the points were summed up, and at midnight the winner was announced – Riga.
Various artists performed between the games and competitions for spectators were carried out all day long.
Event was held at the foot of national independence monument at the very heart of Riga, in place where modern city centre meets old town and has never ending people stream during weekends. Magnificent light frame for the game field and cultural programme added tremendous value to the event making it in sports and musical celebration that turned city centre in energetic sports field for an unforgettable day.
This event attracted a lot of attention and was excellent promotion for the sport; it brought together teams (from just sport loving people to professionals) from all country and various artists. Games with Olympians and actors added a lot of amusement as spectators had a chance to view many national level stars and heroes competing side by side.
In addition, in the parks around an interactive “Be Active EXPO” of Latvia’s sports was taking place with a possibility for the general public to see different sports involvement options as well as to actually try out the various sports, meet professional stars, and choose the potential future sports hobby.

Highlighted as a good practice:
Creating an event that combines sport and culture creates a spirit that can not be described only by words. When it is also connected to meeting your role models and having your favourite music bands on one spot – event’s success is guaranteed. Can be implemented by sport organization or municipality.

Occupation: Student , Working

Location: City, Small village

Age: Kid , Youth, Adult