Ireland Active

Ireland Active
Ireland Active



All Irish schools are participating

All students, teachers, parents and school staff.

Irish schools are promoting physical activity in whatever way they can. The focus of the week is on Fun and inclusive physical activities. The creative tool is "Take on the Teachers Challenge". Students will challenge their teachers and see who is stronger, faster or more creative. There are also prizes of 150 € for the winning picture of the event. The example of Ireland is very creative, it can be made in all participating countries, it is great example to kick- start the school year and to reach and include all and everyone.

Highlighted as a good practice:
Reverse approach, when students challenge their teachers can provide great results and can be used in all kind of educational institutions to empower young people to become more secure in their actions, as well as to become more #BeActive and show what is interesting for them. Can be implemented in every educational institution.

Occupation: Student

Location: City, Small village

Age: Kid , Youth