#BeActive Challenges

#BeActive Challenges
#BeActive Challenges


Nationwide, Germany

Deutscher Turnerbund e.V.

10 000

European Week of Sport in Germany – #BeActive Challenges
The Functional Fitness trend is growing in Germany - especially outside of our clubs and the commercial fitness centre.
This trend fits exactly to our sport clubs and it is our task to enable those offering CrossFitness classes.
We developed a competition “4XF Games” (own brand) with regional competitions during summer, the possibility of an online-qualification and a national final.

Integration of the 4XF Games into the EWOS in Germany
The reason is, that we will have
• Exciting events like qualifications and a final for the participants
• Interest the audience and hopefully justify them to be more active
• Additional to the competition there are many opportunities to test fitness, to try special classes like Yoga, Pilates, Training for the back and so on.

With our ambition in creating the workouts of the 4XF Games, we developed a “Sport for all”-challenge- with the content of CrossFitness for the sport clubs.

The “Sport for all”-challenges:
• #BeActive Fitness - the challenge was – many teams (3-6 people) perform so much workout-round (300 single under, 80 push-ups, 150 sit-ups) as possible in 15 min.
• #BeActive Endurance - the challenge was – on one day, with as many people as possible, walking, hiking, running so many kilometre as possible.
• #BeActive FlashMove - the challenge was – to activate so many people as possible to dance the chorus.

We set the results of the clubs in relation to their number of members and calculated the winner.

#BeActive Fitness: 39 Events
#BeActive Endurance: 16 Events
#BeActive FlashMove: 14 Events

Highlighted as a good practice:
New trends in physical activity and sport have to be considered and we have to focus on what is interesting and innovative in order to attract the attention of young people. This practice and similar to this one have to be considered obligatory and we should promote the forms of activity, that people enjoys. Can be organized by individual, organization or municipality.

Occupation: Student , Working

Location: City, Small village

Age: Youth, Adult