Silkeborg Highway opening party

Silkeborg Highway opening party
Silkeborg Highway opening party


Silkeborg, Mid Jutland, Denmark

It was a cooperative work of 8 organizations: DGI, SIF, SAK77, SMT, SLK, Funder GF, SEJS and

21.000 participants and 700 volunteers

Highway openings are considered a once in a lifetime event in Denmark and therefore it’s traditional to celebrate them with massive sport events. Silkeborg was no exception and after several years of construction the opening party took over the city. Race walks, roller skiing, roller skating, running, and cycling, and more than 21,000 people of all ages made up the two days full of physical activities, family and fun. In concordance with the opening of the European Week of Sport, Silkeborg saw a big amount of active citizens, and it also engaged in the opening promotional event of it: the #BeActive FlashMOVE. The venue of the event made possible that while some participants were taking part in the races, others could enjoy learning new activities and sports, and enjoying a family event with fellow citizens and friends.
The innovative part of this event is represented in three main aspects. Firstly, the size of the event, a result of the variety of options in which all age’s groups could join in. Secondly, the idea of opening to all citizens a public space that will be occupied by vehicles, which meant those two days were a unique chance to make use of the space in a different and active way. Thirdly, the cooperation between different organizations to bring together a successful event.

Highlighted as a good practice:
Days full of physical activities, family and fun is a goal that easily can be reached with this mass event. Public spaces that are focused on these activities are much needed in every location. Can be implemented by municipality or sport organization.

Occupation: Student , Working

Location: City, Small village

Age: Kid , Youth, Adult