Sport Open days

Sport Open days
Sport Open days



Different sports organizations

Average between 300-350 people per sports event

Different sports organizations organized a number of open days in their facilities to encourage participation in their respective sports. The innovative is that all of the sports organizations did the sports activities outside. They had a special built scene on which all of them represented their sport. By that way, they showed and include people as much as it is possible. The activities held at the main square and by that way a lot of people were including in the sports activities.
In spite the sports activities and the different sports organizations, there was also and singers and this is another innovative way of attract people’s attention. This is a good example for a sport practice which can be implemented also in other countries and it will work. By that way we can involve more and more people in active way of life.

Highlighted as a good practice
Open days in sport clubs are events that give the opportunity for the society members to step in the shoes of professional or amateur sport. This reach can give interesting point of view and motivation to become active. Can be organized by sport club or organization, also it can be organized and coordinated by municipality.

Occupation: Student , Working

Location: City, Small village

Age: Youth, Adult