Sport Academies

Sport Academies
Sport Academies

10 – 17.09.2015


Sports organizations

10,400 children, 20,000 parents, 450 coaches

Like in 2015, the Greek Lottery, OPAP SA, will promote participation in physical activity and sport, during the European Week of Sport 2016, through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program “Sport Academies”. The national network of 125 Amateur Football Academies that involves and reaches 10,400 children, 20,000 parents and 450 coaches and is supported in the framework of the program will organize and implement football fun activities such as:
• Parents Vs Children game
• Boys Vs Girls game
• Training for Parents while children will be watching and supporting
• Speeches by Ambassadors on the benefits of physical activity

Highlighted as a good practice:
Corporate social responsibility in sport is an investment that returns the interest of the companies with accent of healthier community and employees. Every company can implement a CSR activity in the field of sport and the results will make decision makers more than satisfied.

Occupation: Student , Working

Location: City, Small village

Age: Kid , Youth, Adult