Odense, Copenhagen, Aarhus i Aalborg, Denmark

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Happy Moves is a city street sports program that provides free activities to Denmark in four cities (Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense). Between September 8 and 30, 54 Happy Moves events took place in the country. In the European Sport Week, Happy Moves also contributed to student competitions and great events with international renowned football players like Jeana Doesta, who cooperated with sports clubs and associations. Everyone could take part in the programs, regardless of whether someone is an active athlete or just an entertainer. The variety of sports has attracted the interest of the participants. There were activities such as: salsa dance, panna, parkour, akro yoga, slackline, street basketball and beach volleyball. The Happy Moves program is a unique innovative activity coordinated by local youth, knowing the needs and opportunities of people living in the settlement.

Highlighted as a good practice:
Street events are becoming more and more popular, especially since anyone can join the programs at any time. Anyone can organize a similar event.

Occupation: Student

Location: City

Age: Youth