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Institute of Innovative Technologies

Name: Institute of Innovative Technologies
Country: Poland

Stowarzyszenie Instytut Nowych Technologii / Association Institute of Innovative Technologies INT has many years of experience in the organization of training courses, conferences, promotion and use of new technologies in education and entrepreneurship. Our activities are aimed at promoting new technologies, innovation and increasing opportunities for participants in the labour market education and equal opportunities. Among the key actions INT there are: researches for authorities and private entities, the organization of the Regional Competition Leader of New Technologies (innovative technologies) in the region of Lodz, numerous conferences, over 350 trainings, workshops, etc. INT leads “NGO Support Centre” in the region and works with more than 100 NGOs. Currently, the INT was established Regional Centre for International Debates (project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

The recipients of the projects are: youth, disadvantageous groups, NGOs, volunteers, employees of companies, entrepreneurs as well as those who are just starting their career path, also elderly people.

The organization's activities are adapted to the current needs of the market, hence the continuing need to acquire new knowledge, exchange experiences and increasing competence.

We have realized sport project which is coordinated by one person who is actively involved in physical activities. Other project coordinated by our organization is also connected with sport activities. From many years we have established close cooperation with many NGOs, local authority and many schools – they have impact on our society. Some of our employees are really active in their private life; some even document it by blogs, organizing events, participating in sport events. INT employee’s about 10 people with master degree in the field of sociology, pedagogy, management, international relations, law.