Eusport #GoodGovernance Project team ΑΕΤΟΙ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ


Country: Greece

The main objectives of our organization is supporting people with disabilities - mainly mild learning disabilities who, with a little extra help would exceed in their physical and learning performance. Our organization works directly with about 80 children and adults with disabilities, together for the common goal of social participation and inclusion. There are 8 people working in our organisation and those are 3 physical trainers, 1 psychologist, 1 social worker, 2 teachers and 1 secretary. Besides the managing board, a number of people is offering there voluntary work. Our goal for our staff is to learn further informal and non-formal educational techniques and to improve their techniques for promoting volunteering and supporting social inclusion.

The activities of our organization is divided in 3 sectors:
1) Sports: Our organization is operating 3 teams in athletics, 2 teams in basketball, 1 team in Swimming and 1 team in table tennis. Annually all teams participate in the national championships. In addition, as part of our dissemination strategy, our club annually organizes basketball tournament for schools from special education.
2) Educational programs: Our organization participates and develops occasionally educational programs for people with disabilities as a part of their overall education. Moreover, the staff, the board and the athletes participate in european programs such as Erasmus+.
3) Training programs: Our organization organizes seminars and conferences for professionals connected to sports disability and disability in general. In addition we accept and guide/mentoring students from universities that are willing to have a internship/practice in our structures.
The last 10 years we have participated in lots of local environmental, voluntarism and integration actions. We can conduct a research, we can organize and support sport events and meetings.