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GGS IO2 - Self-learning path #GoodGovernanceSport

GoodGovernanceSport project is aiming to find the way of analysing, collecting and promoting the practices for proper visibility of the decisions taken, decision making stakeholders, transparency of public funding in sport organizations. During the project has been implemented research, educational and dissemination activities.

One of the #GoodGovernanceSport project outputs is the creation of a self-learning path for self-development of sport leaders and managers, which will give the possibility to asses the level of accountability and transparency of the webpage of a sport organization, that is important part of the good governance processes in an organization.

This self-learning path includes:
  • Self assessment instruments, developed on the results of the conducted survey and based on the highlighted good practices, that in the self – learning path is turned into recommendations;
  • Level of accomplishment of visibility in the sport organization is ensured through a self-learning path test;
  • Certification at the end of the self-learning path will be awarded to all participating sport experts;
  • The path includes 7 Modules with concrete reccommendations and practical information.

The #GoodGovernanceSport self-learning path includes the following Modules:
  • What is Good governance in sport;
  • Principles of Good governance in sport;
  • Online presence of sport organization;
  • Transparency of sport organization in online environment – human resources aspects;
  • Transparency of sport organization in online environment – financial aspects;
  • Integrity of sport organization in online environment;
  • Accessibility of sport organization in online environment.

Expected results of the self-learning path development:
1. Instrument for self-analysis and self – learning of the topic of good governance in sport;
2. Platform used as an open educational recourse and available for all interested citizens;
3. Creating the sustainability and shortcut to resources in one place (;
4. Useful instrument for the proper management of the public sport organizations.

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