Eusport #GoodGovernance #GoodGovernanceSport Outputs GGS IO1 - Survey on good governance in sport

GGS IO1 - Survey on good governance in sport

#GoodGovernanceSport project is aiming to find the way of analysing, collecting and promoting the practices for proper visibility of the decisions taken, decision making stakeholders, transparency of public funding in sport organizations.

One of the project outputs is going to be the present report that consists of different stages of analysis of the public face of the sport organizations, in particular their public websites – the easiest way for the citizens to find out what are their activities. The report is based on a survey with concrete information that interested sport stakeholders has been able to provide regarding good governance in sport in their own organizations and an independent research of project team experts on the web pages of minimum 14 European sport organizations and at least 2 National sport organizations per partner country – 14 in total, based on the following criteria:
  • An English-language website for the European sport organizations and National language/English language website for the National sport organization;
  • Available contact information and social media indication;
  • Strategic aim of the organization – vision and strategy, goals, milestones, values;
  • List of members of the organization (sport organizations, sport clubs);
  • Safety and security, inclusion, anti-discrimination policy of the organization available on the web page;
  • Statute or other type of founding document availability;
  • Management decision communication channels, relevancy and update period;
  • A list of management/management board members available online (from here termed “management”);
  • Additional information on management members available online. (Brief biographical information about each member of management, educational and professional background, scope of responsibilities, affiliation to other organizations, photography);
  • Other organizational bodies of the organization – consulting board, control board, supervisory body;
  • Procedure of changing management of the organization and mandates;
  • Financial reports availability and content (if any), law obligation for publicity of financial reports (based on the country of registration).

Framework for the research and assessment on level of accountability and transparency, available at the public web pages of the organizations that the consortium decided to analyze on national and European level, has been also decided by the consortium members during the kick off meeting (Sofia, March 2017). During the kick off meeting, partners has also decided on the specific Evaluation Grid outlining a set of parameters for assessing and processing the data to be collected by each partner in the survey at the national and European level.

The concrete organizations that has been analyzed has been chosen by the consortium during the first transnational meeting of #GoodGovernance project (Sofia, March 2018) and the criteria of the selection has been: public preference on this sport in partner countries, public attention to the sport organization, public funding received and integrity status in the sport sector. All selected organizations have been contacted through an official e-mail, including a letter explaining the project details and stages of the research and they had the possibility to deny the research of their webpage. We have received only positive feed-back and no denial for analysis has been received either by national or European sport organization that received the information. Some of the organizations has even expressed their availability to contribute to project activities and has supported the project implementation.

Based on the results of the three stages of the survey, the present report has been created and it includes analyzed and compared results between the European sport organizations from one side and from another – a comparative analyses of the results between the National sport organizations in the partner countries. This report is the base for the self-learning path that will be created for self-development of sport leaders and managers in Europe in the frame of the current project.

Results of the research:
  • The present report of results (including anonymous aggregate data on at least 14 European sport organizations and at least 14 National sport organizations);
  • A database containing the date for each organization (results are attached to the present report anonymously, with codification of the analyzed organizations);
  • A slide presentation of the results.

Research report (English):
Research report (Croatian):
Highlights of research report (English):
Slide presentation of the results (English):
Video explanation of the highlights of the report: