"Sport is part of the heritage of every man and woman and its absence can never be compensated". - Pierre de Coubertin

Sport is a growing social and economic phenomenon which makes an important contribution to the strategic objectives of solidarity and prosperity of the European Union. The Olympic ideal of developing sport to promote peace and understanding between nations and cultures, as well as the education of young people, originated in Europe and has been promoted by the International Olympic Committee and the European Olympic Committees.

Sport attracts European citizens and the majority of people regularly participate in sporting activities. Generates important values ​​such as team spirit, solidarity, tolerance and fair play, contributing to personal development and fulfillment. It promotes the active contribution of EU citizens to society and thus helps to promote active citizenship. The Commission recognizes the essential role of sport in European society, particularly when it needs to get closer to citizens and to address the issues that matter directly to them. However, sport also faces new threats and challenges that have emerged in European society, such as commercial pressure, exploitation of young players, doping, racism, violence, corruption and money laundering.