Good governance principles and indicators in sport

The Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS), which provides a platform for intergovernmental sports co-operation between the public authorities of its member states, commissioned this piece of desk research on good governance practices at national level.
The project is intended to contribute towards planning for the 14th Conference of Ministers responsible for sport (Budapest, November 2016), which will discuss the issue of governance in sport as its main theme.

Objectives for the desk research are as follows (quoted from the Terms of Reference):
 Identify and research good governance practices/ initiatives in European countries, including the results of the EPAS good governance survey;
 Catalogue good practices on good governance initiatives. The catalogue shall provide guidance to interested parties to implement and adopt similar approaches/ initiatives;
 A logical framework and recommendations shall enable public authorities responsible for sport and sport organisations at national level to adapt and implement good practices in the field of good governance.